Supportek offers reliable solutions for your critical cooling needs from rack to row to room applications.  We can help you clarify your requirements and customize your solution for energy efficiency, air-flow containment and optimized cooling.


portable cooling
Portable cooling units provide a simple, convenient, cost effective means of solving cooling problems. Portable Cooling units are completely self-contained and provide a reliable solution in a wide range of applications. In a matter of minutes you can roll a unit into place, attach your hot air exhaust duct and any other needed accessories, then plug it in and turn it on.


Micro modular data center
In some cases the design and build of a traditional “brick & mortar” data center facility is too expensive for a company, perhaps they don’t need large facilities or they want to simplify what they are doing. Micro-Modular Data Centers from Elliptical Mobile Solutions can help in whatever the case may be. EMS provides self-contained “Data Centers in a box” solutions. If you need to have only a couple of racks but are limited in space then the EMC units can be placed in a warehouse, a garage or a room without A/C.