Batteries are not infallible, but your critical power support needs to be.  Batteries can fail in a matter of days.  After an inspection is performed, the only knowledge you have is the health of the battery system at that moment in time, not two weeks, or even two days later.  A quality battery monitoring system provides you with insight into the health of your batteries (jar by jar or cell by cell) on a 24 x 7 basis.  Batteries are the weak link in any critical power system, including UPS, Generator, DC Plant, and Switchgear Systems.  Battery monitoring gives you a clear view of current battery health and allows you to proactively plan for battery replacements as they are needed.


CellSpy monitors your batteries on a daily basis for Voltage, Internal Impedance, Current and Individual Jar Temperature wirelessly back to a gateway which then ties into your network via Ethernet. CellSpy offers a unique, cost-effective maintenance-friendly solution to battery monitoring.


Cellwatch monitors your batteries on a daily basis for Voltage, Internal Impedance, Current and String Temperature via fiber-optics between data collection modules. This data is fed back to the Cellwatch iBMU and provides you with an up-to-date report on the health of your batteries. Learn More



PacketPower provides a wide range of wireless monitoring solutions to cover just about anything in your data center or facility. Wireless monitoring can be added to basic rack PDU’s, to underfloor whips, environmental monitors, overhead busway systems and more. Simplify your monitoring with PacketPower.



Thermal imaging is an important part of knowing how your facility is operating and if you have any potential loose connections that can cause serious problems for you. The Exertherm product provides a system specifically designed to provide continuous predictive monitoring of mission critical electrical equipment, detecting and identifying hotspot issues and problems before they develop into a major failure.

Exertherm™ is gaining rapid acceptance and deployment on major projects globally due to its ability to mitigate some of the key risks that pre-empt an electrical Arc Flash incident. As the market leading continual thermal monitoring solution for LV & MV electrical switchboards, Exertherm™ is leading the charge for safer electrical inspections in production and up-time critical environments.

The Exertherm solution helps to mitigate the risks of Arc Flash which causes substantial risk to human life and equipment damage. Arc Flash incidents can vaporize 1kg of copper in under ¼ cycle and in this time it will transition from a solid to a gas expanding 65,000 times its volume sending a blast that travels at over 700mph.  In the US alone there are on average 10 arc flash incidents per day.



If you have water anywhere in your data center, then you need leak detection. PermAlert offers a variety of state of the art leak detection systems to meet your particular needs to help avoid a disaster if leaks occur.


The ability to see where your power is consumed is a powerful tool to have in today’s facilities for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you are monitoring panelboards, switchgear, PDU’s, RPP’s, or any of a variety of pieces of equipment, visibility into your power consumption is critical.