Mirus International is a supplier of specialized power quality products to reduce or eliminate harmonic problems and save energy in electrical power distribution systems worldwide. They have produced many patented designs useful in addressing the problems associated with harmonic generating non-linear loads such as personal computers, telecom equipment, broadcasting equipment and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).

Supportek coverage with the Mirus International product covers Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

Harmonic Mitigation Filters for VFD’s

6-pulse VFD’s are notorious for creating high harmonics feeding back upstream. When the Mirus Lineator is placed ahead of the VFD, these harmonics are reduced to the point of meeting and/or exceeding IEE519 requirements. The Mirus Lineator can make your 6-pulse VFD look as good or better than an 18-pulse drive while saving footprint AND cost.

See how the Mirus Lineator improves 6-pulse VFD operation.

High Efficiency Transformers

High Efficiency and Harmonic Mitigating Transformers that maximize energy efficiency, exceed NEMA Premium, and other industry standards, provide quicker payback and are real world tested. Ideal for K-12 and Higher Education, Government, Healthcare, Commercial, Industrial, Data Center, Alternative Energy, and LEED applications.

Neutral Current Eliminators

Normally used in remedial applications to reduce neutral current. Applications include high tech facilities, such as broadcasting and telecommunications equipment rooms, computer labs in educational institutions, casinos, and any distribution system servicing a high density of non-linear loads such as personal computers.

Harmonic Mitigating PDU’s and RPP’s

Appropriate for the raised floor environment. Primarily used for broadcasting, telecommunications, Internet service providers, data processing, call centers, and all office environments with personal computers.